Wiregrass on the wet prairie at Yellow River Marsh Preserve State Park

Yellow River Marsh Preserve State Park is an 835-acre property on Garcon Point, between Escambia Bay and Blackwater Bay. This is an area of extensive wet prairies that supports what is probably the largest population of carniverous pitcher plants in Florida. There are nearly 20 species of rare and endangered plants and animals that call the property home.

Yellow River Marsh Preserve State Park offers little to humans beyond a small parking area, a gazebo, a public access point and some great opportunities for photography in a dome swamp-flatwoods-wet prairie region.

Yellow marsh River Preserve is open from 8 am to sunset every day of the year. There are no admission fees involved. The property is located on both sides of County Road 191 about 1 mile north of the intersection with County Road 281.