Tarkiln Bayou Preserve State Park

Tarkiln Bayou Preserve State Park is home to almost 100 rare and endangered plants and animals, among them four species of endangered pitcher plants, the alligator snapping turtle and Chapman's butterwort.

The name ("Tar Kiln") comes from the old practice of removing tar from the southern yellow pines for use in making soaps, animal medicines and maritime products. Presently, the Preserve contains more than 4,300 acres.

The state park offers a 1.3-mile (round trip) on a sidewalk and boardwalk (universally accessible) that terminates at an overlook on Tarkiln Bayou, an undeveloped area that empties into Perdido Bay in the heart of the surrounding pine flatwoods, wet prairie and pitcher plant habitat.

Tarkiln Bayou Preserve State Park is open from 8 am to sunset every day of the year. Admission fees: $3 per vehicle to a maximum of eight occupants; $2 per pedestrian, bicyclist and extra passenger. You'll want exact change as you'll be paying into an honor box.

Tarkiln Bayou Preserve State Park is located on County Road 293 about 10 miles southwest of Pensacola between US Highway 98 and State Road 292A (Gulf Beach Highway).