Herlong Mansion on Main Street in Micanopy

Old Florida Heritage Highway is a network of roads around the central Florida town of Micanopy. These roads are a showcase of what it was like to travel in Florida in the days before the Interstate Highway System was built. If you want to see Florida from yesteryear, this is the place!

The Old Florida Heritage Highway travels on roads like US Highway 441 and State Roads 18, 234, 225, 325 and 346. This is mostly east of Interstate 75, south of Gainesville. Most of the route either crosses or runs around Payne's Prairie Preserve State Park.

America's first naturalist, William Bartram visited this area back in 1774, and wrote about the natural beauty and scenic vistas.

The Seminole Indians settled in this area long ago, and founded a town named Wanton's Town. These days it's called Micanopy but it still seems frozen in time in that "long ago."

At the southeastern end of the Old Florida Heritage Highway is Cross Creek, the place where Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings lived as she wrote stories about some of the more colorful characters in Florida's history. Her place is now Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Historic State Park.

Driving the entire network of roads in the designated Old Florida Heritage Highway is about 47 miles, and might take you two hours if you don't stop and enjoy the sights and sites along the way. And if you've ever seen the movie "Doc Hollywood," you might recognize some of the locales...