On the shore of one of the lakes in Deltona

Deltona was founded in 1962 by the Mackle Brothers and the General Development Corporation. As a primarily developer-driven community, the city has an almost entirely residential composition and functions primarily as a bedroom community for commuters working in Daytona Beach or Orlando. The city is so much residential that even shopping and recreational activities occur mostly in surrounding towns. Since 2000, the population of Deltona has risen more than 22%.

The original settlement in this area was known as "Enterprise," first settled in 1859. As more people moved into the area, that settlement moved closer to the shores of Lake Monroe and the steamboats that plied the St. Johns River. A schoolhouse was built in 1863 with two churches appearing soon after. Fast forward almost 100 years and the Mackle Brothers arrive from Miami with intent to develop a retirement community on the outskirts of Enterprise. At first, the community was known as Deltona Lakes and the plan called for churches, parks, apartments, commercial centers, a community center and golf course and an industrial park. By 1970, the population had reached 4,868 and the median age was 62. Then came expansion as a planned unit development and by 1990, the subdivision had reached a population of 51,000 with an average age of 35. The residents finally voted to incorporate in September 1995, elected a city commission and achieved incorporation in December 1995 as the City of Deltona. Today, Deltona is the single largest city in Volusia County.