The view along Highgway A1A, the main beach highway in Daytona Beach Shores

Daytona Beach Shores was organized in 1960 by local business leaders who wanted to get some control over development in the area. Since then, a massive construction program that took place in the 1970's and 80's has more than 80% of the population living in high-rise condo towers along the beach highway. In 1998 the city council approved a measure limiting building heights to 12 stories but still... The city is a resort and retirement community built on tourism and the service industry. There is no manufacturing or other tax base to support public services.

Daytona Beach Shores is far enough north to experience freezes in the winter but not far enough north to experience snow regularly.

Two famous alumni of the Daytona Beach Shores High School were brothers Gregg and Duane Allman.

On the beach at Daytona Beach Shores