Typical scene along the Ochlockonee River
    Cities & Towns:
  • Bristol

Liberty County is located in the heart of the Florida panhandle. Liberty County was officially founded on December 15, 1855 and now contains 836 square miles of land area and 7 square miles of water surface. The county seat is Bristol. Liberty County exists between the Apalichicola River on the west and the Ochlockonee River on the east. Liberty County is the least populated and least densely populated county in Florida.

A large part of the Apalachicola National Forest is in Liberty County.

Once upon a time, a fellow by the name of Elvy E. Calloway claimed that the Biblical Garden of Eden was in northern Liberty County. To back up his claims he cited the presence of gopher wood (the wood that Noah supposedly used to build the Ark) and the four heads of the Apalichicola River.