Naples Town Center

Naples is a high rent district: it has the sixth highest per capita incme in the United States and the second highest proportion of millionaires per capita in the country. Some houses in the city have sold for more than $40 million. At the same time, in 2009 Naples was ranked as one of 10 cities in the US worth the high cost of living.

The Naples area was first advertised for its climate and general abundance in the 1880's. Developers were hoping the area would catch on and cash would flow. The dream was still there when the railroad arrived in 1927. Then the Tamiami Trail was completed between Naples and Miami in 1928... then came the Great Depression and World War II... Developers finally came to have their way in the city beginning in the early 1950's and over the years since, the situation has grown to where it is today: the people who work there can't afford to live there. But it is a pretty place...

A view on Naples Bay