The old Davie School, now a museum

Davie began life as "Zona" in 1909. Then Robert Parsell Davie bought 27,000 acres in the area to develop into a community. First thing he had to do was drain the land as most of it was considered part of the Everglades. Then he built a school in Zona and the folks were so grateful for his efforts they renamed the town after him.

The first incorporation was in 1925, the second formal incorporation was in 1963. Davie now has the distinction of being the third largest incorporated "town" in America (after Gilbert, AZ and Cary, NC).

Since its beginning Davie has been touted as a Wild West town and for years there was a significant horse and cattle population in the area. These days, though, the residential developers have pretty much ended that.

Davie is part of the Miami-Dade Metro area, a zone in south Florida with about 5.5 million residents. The population of Davie is up almost 30% since 2000.