Brevard County Courthouse in Titusville

Titusville, county seat of Brevard County, is located in that place where many observers of space liftoffs liked to set up camp and watch.

The first settlers arrived in the late 1850's and knew the place as Sand Point. Henry Titus arrived in 1867 and immediately began to survey and plat on land owned by his wife, the daughter of a prominent Georgia plantation owner. He also donated land for four churches and a courthouse before building the Titus House, a hotel rising next to a prominent saloon. There was a challenge for the name of the area but it was decided over a game of dominoes and rather than Riceville (after Captain Clark Rice), Harry Titus won and the settlement became Titusville. The name was further set in stone when Titusville became incorporated in 1887. A railroad spur arrived in 1885, a railroad main line in 1892.

Industry in the area in those days was centered around pineapple and citrus growing. Tourism started to really pick up in the 1890's. A wooden bridge was built in 1922 running east to Playalinda Beach on the barrier island. The area really grew with the growth of the nearby space program but when the Space Shuttle project was shut down in 2010, everything dropped off. Since then the US Postal Servidce has closed two post offices and is about to close a third. The local school district has closed two elementary schools and one of the local shopping malls has been razed.