Pine Island Beach at sunset
Sunset on a typical Gulf Coast beach began as a personal website, an area information and education site I started putting together when my wife and I were first discussing moving from Colorado to Florida.

My Photo Disclaimer: (not really but...) When I drive into a town, I'm looking for the historical stuff, the "original" stuff that catches my eye. I'm not looking for the shopping centers or malls - these things look like "Anywhere, USA." I want to showcase the things that make Florida unique. So some places in Florida I simply pass on: whoever drew up the master development plan worked for a major developer and there is no "town," it's just a bunch of residental stuff closely connected to the shopping mall, or center, or village, or whatever they call it. And some of the places I drive into are simply a dot on the map: there used to be something there but whatever it was, it's faded away over time and there may be only foundations and piles of rubble left. These "ghost towns" I usually take lots of photos of because they are unique to the true character of the area. Then there's the places in between...

Some of the data, photos, images, and other maps on this site are courtesy of various Federal (NFS, USGS, NPS, etc.), State and Chambers of Commerce brochures. Some is courtesy of various Florida historical societies. Wherever this type of info is used, I try to remember to give credits on that page. Virtually everything else is of my own creation, although there are individual elements that are credited on certain pages.

Some of the relief maps/satellite imagery on the site are derived from Cartesia Software's MapArt US Terrain. There are also some topographic maps from TOPO!, part of the National Geographic Back Roads Explorer package: . But most of the maps presented on this site are courtesy of Google Maps. The Google Maps have excellent panning and zooming capabilities, too, and that's hard to beat, especially when you can click on a button and add satellite imagery or terrain mapping to the view.

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy in the information included on this website, however, I (the publisher) cannot guarantee the correctness of all information available, or the complete absense of errors, omissions or unintentional inclusions.

Kayakers floating in the Florida Keys
Kayakers doing their thing...